My mission as a personal trainer is to deliver a professional level of training with constant results. Training with the right ‘’mindset’’ is hard if there is no realistic goal set, that is where the personal trainer can help you evolve. Through motivation, fun and the professional knowledge we will determine your way to success. Losing weight, gaining strength/muscle volume, endurance, mobility will help you move in an efficient way. You only have one body, be the best version of yourself. Are you interested in becoming the best version of yourself? With me as your personal trainer we will train in a safe and result orientated environment to reach your expectations! As a personal trainer my passion and goal is to get the best out of you and exceed any expectation you have.

Summary of obtained certificates :
- Sport and exercise leader level 3
- Fit!vak diploma fitness trainer A level 3
- Fit!vak diploma fitness trainer B level 4 (personal trainer)
- Fit!vak diploma exercise expert overweight and obesity level 4+
- AALO medical fitness trainer level 5